Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Missing You May Soon Be Missing

Figures. Just as soon as I discover this site (thanks to the latest issue of Family Chronicle), it's up for sale. So if you have anyone in your family who's MIA in the UK, I suggest you hurry over to Missing You while it's still there and free.

The site is for adoptees, old military buddies, family members who have wandered, old school mates -- just anyone who might have gone missing in some manner. I experimented by searching on some family names (Reynolds turned up 186 hits) and locations (Camberley, where I lived as a youngster, surfaced 23). Since it's been there since 1998, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that there's some depth to the site.

And I have to say, even if you have no one missing from your family in that neck of the woods, it's just interesting to read some of the entries. Many are three-sentence soap operas -- only they're true.


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