Monday, August 14, 2006

Timberlake Tree Tales

Ah, who knows what's true? I don't have the time to go digging into Justin Timberlake's claims about his roots -- although I'm more inclined to believe the part about being of British origin than the romantic tale about a soldier running away from a war because he fell in love with an Indian girl.

Chris Dunham of
The Genealogue did a little poking around and learned about an apparent brick wall in Timberlake's roots. If you're so inclined, you can see a couple of family trees -- click here for one that purports to go back to a Joseph Timberlake born circa 1650 and here for one recently uploaded by Patricia Hansen who's mentioned as part of the brick wall gang -- uploaded at that appear to have gotten past the 1867 impasse.

Of course, there's a conspicuous lack of detail and the first one notes, "Nothing is carved in stone except time. This database is a work in progress." It also states, "Included are notable entertainers, artists, politicians, scholars, humanitarians, journalists and athletes, figures literary, military, and victims of circumstance." I'll leave it to you to decide how many of these apply to Justin.

As for me, I'm keeping an eye out for Sharon Elliott of BackTrack to see if she tackles this one.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Questors said...

Ah, you know me too well!

This morning I found some of the same info you linked to plus the mother of "brick wall" Charles Timberlake in Henderson County in 1860. So he is likely related to those Timberlakes who moved to Henderson County from Franklin County, NC.

But those Timberlake roots will take more digging than I care to do. Besides, I've still got major excavation work to do on Annie Moore!



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