Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey baby, what's your haplogroup?

Yes, genetic heritage is now the new horoscope! No more tired, "Hey baby, what's your sign?" Now it's all about haplogroups -- sort of like asking which branch of the world's maternal or paternal family tree you come from.

In case anyone's curious, I'm H (mtDNA) and I1b2a3 (Y-DNA). Check out these latest designs from JMK, including one for my twig of the world's paternal family tree that Jimmy kindly customized (any other I1b2a3's out there??). They're available in a variety of shirts, bags, buttons and the like.

To see Jimmy Kavanaugh's entire DNA collection, click on the shirt immediately below and then select "Genetics & DNA" in the menu on the left. I already have the "It's in my DNA" design, as well as the "Irish DNA Inside" one. Guess it's time to add to my collection!

Hey Baby!, whats your haplogroup?

Haplogroup I1b2a3


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