Saturday, June 24, 2006

More Servicemen Repatriated

Some of you know that I'm under contract with the U.S. Army (under the Repatriation project) to locate the families of soldiers still unaccounted for from Korea, and to a lesser extent, WWII and Vietnam. I'm an Army brat, so this work is very meaningful to me.

At any rate, every once is a while, a serviceman is identified, so I'll aim to share that news here. Just recently, there have been several identifications and burials. It's bittersweet for the families, but it does bring a degree of closure to have their brothers/husbands/fathers/uncles/cousins/sons (yes, I sometimes find, say, a 100-year-old mother still alive) back where they belong. Here are the latest repatriations to make the news:

Airman Missing from Vietnam War is Identified

Father's Day Bittersweet for One Airman's Family

Woman relies on faith with the return of her WWII-airman brother's remains

Pentagon Identifies Missing Airman from Vietnam War


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