Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How to Provoke Ancestral Chart Envy

Want to show off at your next reunion? Or one-up that fellow who's always bragging about his illustrious roots? Why not consider having an impressive ancestral chart produced by Ancestry Graphics & Printing?

No, this isn't a commercial, but it is a recommendation from a satisfied customer. I remember maybe 6 or 7 years ago trying to get an oversized, descendancy chart printed for a Reynolds family reunion. I had to scour the internet and the country to finally find a single printing firm that would do it - and even then, it was extremely laborious for me to see the process through.

Fortunately, there are several companies that specialize just in genealogical charts (you'll often see a few of them at the major genealogical conferences), and recently, I had cause to use one -- as it happens, for the Reynolds reunion again. I selected Ancestry Graphics & Printing and was delighted with the process and the outcome.

It was easy to follow their instructions for submission, which can be done via email if you like. Then they called me and made a few suggestions. Apparently, size does matter, so I took their advice and allowed them to tweak my file a bit. Within a few days, I received the massive chart (about 20 feet long) in a protective storage tube, even though I had requested a last-minute diversion of mailing address. Over 150 one-inch square faces smiling up at me! Even my 10-year-old nephew, David, was intrigued.

Sad to say, the reunion was called off for reasons unknown to me, but I'm still pleased to have this chart. Someone got the bright idea to laminate the ones from the last reunion, so they're -- yup, sort of washing out. This one is better, more vivid and made to last.

I'm sure there are other great printing firms out there, and I'd love to hear about them. But Ancestry Graphics & Printing definitely gets a big thumbs-up from me!


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