Sunday, May 14, 2006

Read Any Good Genealogical Mysteries Lately?

Until recently, I didn't realize there was a whole literary genre (albeit a sparsely populated one) of genealogical mysteries. Here's an article I wrote for's 24-7 Family History Circle on the topic.

Since then, I've read another book by Jimmy Fox. It's called Deadly Pedigree and was his first -- and I have to say, a little harder to swallow. This time, virtually every action the lead character, Nick Herald, took was something an actual genealogist would never do. He still displays an in-depth knowledge of our world, but I spent a good portion of my reading session cringing -- and it wasn't the plot that made me do it. Of course, the fact that I read it while stuck on the tarmac for a few hours might have influenced my opinion. Environment does have an effect, I guess!


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