Wednesday, June 21, 2006

If Your Name Is Motyczka or Nelligan . . .

I'm about as addicted as they come to genetic genealogy (which I like to shorten to "genetealogy"). I was introduced to the topic via my work on the Army's Repatriation project back in 1999 and have been personally involved since January 2001 -- starting with a vanity study for the surname Smolenyak.

I now run or participate in the following projects:
  • the village of Osturna, Slovakia (both those who live there today and those who trace their roots to the village)
  • surname: Shields
  • surname: Reynolds
  • surname: Nelligan, Neligan
  • surname: Motyczka, Motichka and other variations
  • assorted deep-ancestry (e.g., I1c-Y-clan)
The Motyczka and Nelligan projects are my newest DNA-centered initiatives, so I'd like to selfishly ask everyone reading this to direct anyone they know with these names to me for more info about these projects. As with traditional genealogy, the more participants, the better for all of us, so I'm on a recruitment mission! Please help this needy DNA-junkie!


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Silavana said...

Oi! I am Motyczka. I very didn't understand well this project that you are organizing but I am passing you my email in case that I can help in some thing. It is


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