Friday, May 05, 2006

There Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs . . .

One of the best ways to keep up on the latest and greatest in the genealogical world is to monitor blogs. While I still love my hard-copy monthly and quarterly periodicals, I confess to being equally enamoured with the instant-gratification provided by blogs. I've been following quite a few -- and while variety is the spice of life, I can't help but have my favorites . . .

The Genealogue
Chris Dunham is hands-down the funniest genealogist out there. The first word that springs to mind when I think of him is 'irreverant.' His humor is smart -- sometimes delivered slyly and sometimes in-your-face -- what the British might call 'cheeky.'

I love that he sees the lighter side of family history -- and that he finds it in so many surprising places! He's also consistent (new stuff every day) and right on top of the latest happenings. And BTW, he's also an outstanding researcher and recently contributed his talents to a BBC documentary I worked on (more on the doc shortly . . .).

24-7 Family History Circle
OK, yeah, I might have a bias on this one. I suppose the fact that I write for this blog sort of disqualifies me from commenting on it, but I'm going to break the rules and include it any way. Long-time readers of Ancestry Daily News have had to make the transition from a daily newsletter to a blog/weekly newsletter combo over the last month or so. I've heard a bit of grumbling, but folks are making the adjustment -- and a big part of the reason is Juliana Smith, the editor.

Juliana Smith is a not only a dream editor for any writer -- she's a terrific writer herself. And that's not just my opinion. I travel the country speaking all over the place. Whenever I do, folks come up to me mentioning my articles in Ancestry Daily News -- and then they mention one other writer: Julie. Time and time again, it's Juliana that the readers relate to -- and it's no surprise with her friendly, approachable style. If you're not already a fan, do yourself a favor and check out Julie in her new 24/7 environment.

Genealogy Roots Blog
Joe Beine gets my vote for the world's best unknown genealogist. I include screen-captures from some of his online resources in a number of my talks (my all-time favorite being, the best place on the internet to find what's out there that might lead you to the details of the deaths of your ancestors). Whenever I do, I poll the audience on who knows Joe Beine -- and I'm lucky if I see one or two hands.

This is probably largely due to Joe's modesty -- the fact that he's a I-don't-need-the-credit kind of fellow. But he's got some of the best (and cleanest and well-organized) resources out there. And they're current. I don't know how he keeps on top of everything, but he does. Check out his latest batch of recent vital records updates. And once you get done exploring his blog and death indexes, spend a little time browsing some of his other offerings, such as resources for immigration and military records.

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
Talk about timing! About a month ago, I wrote an article called More Unsung Heroes, featuring Dick Eastman. Guess what just appeared minutes ago in 24-7 Family History Circle? You got it -- that article. So I guess I'm going to cite a piece in another blog in my own blog to tell you why I like Dick's blog! Is that legal??


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