Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wanna Win an Autographed Book??

Those who read my Honoring Our Ancestors newsletter know that I occasionally have contests -- and more often than not, the prize is an autographed book. Not one of mine, but usually one from other authors I admire -- and of course, always with some genealogical aspect to them. So if you've never participated in one of my little contests, here's your shot at a signed book. Actually, two chances.

I have The Queen of the Big Time autographed by author Adriana Trigiani ("For a dear reader! Much love!"). If you're even part Italian, I don't have to say any more because you already know about this bestseller. I really enjoyed meeting Adriana Trigiani, partly because she's so exuberant and partly because she shares roots with my husband, Brian (here's a big shout-out to anyone with Roseto, Valfortore roots! If that describes you, drop me an email because my sister-in-law has a private site for folks from Roseto).

And I have Behind the Lines: Powerful and Revealing American and Foreign War Letters -- And One Man's Search to Find Them, autographed by one of my all-time favorite authors, Andrew Carroll. This would make an amazing gift for the veteran in your family -- or for yourself! By the way, for other Andy fans out there, he has yet another terrific project underway and I can't wait until I can share some details with you!

So what's this contest?? I need to test out another new feature in my Honoring Our Ancestors website. I'm looking for ancestral look-alikes! Is your son the spitting image of your great-grandfather? Do your older relatives always tell you how much you resemble a great-aunt you never met? Have you ever done a double take at a sepia-toned photo because the Civil War soldier staring out looks just like your brother? If so, please share your images

If you'd like to enter this contest, but don't have any look-alike ancestors, here's an alternative. Send me an email telling me your favorite books, shows, movies or documentaries with any kind of genealogical or family history theme to them. Maybe Far and Away appeals to you because of your Irish or Oklahoma land-rush roots or you have a favorite documentary that no one's ever heard of -- but you love it because it was filmed close to where your great-granddad emigrated from. Perhaps you're a big fan of Howard Fast's The Immigrants or one of Edward Rutherfurd's books. Let me know what you love and why, and you'll be entered in the contest.

I'll select two of the entries submitted as winners, so please be sure to mention your preference between the two books if you have one. Good luck!


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