Tuesday, May 02, 2006

7,000 Images of Death Certificates Online

As if you didn't have enough ways to squander your time surfing the 'net, I'd like to suggest another one. Go to Google Images and type in "death certificate." I just did this and came up with 6,990 hits.

Click on any that interest you (click on the thumbnail version that appears at the top of the resulting page to go straight to the image) and meander your way through thousands of death certs that folks have popped online for one reason or another.

If you're the kind who actually likes to accomplish something while meandering through cyberspace, qualify your search by adding a surname. Almost everyone who uploads an image of a death certiticate includes the relevant surname in the file name. When I tried this with one of my family names -- Shields -- I instantly located four certificates for individuals named Shields. None from my branch, but it was worth a try.

BTW, in case you're curious, "birth certificate" results in 8,930 hits (as of this writing) and "marriage certificate" produces another 6,070. So about 22,000 certificates to browse in all.


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