Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thank You to ProGenealogists and The Genealogue!

I wanted to thank for assisting with the Annie Moore research. As I explained earlier, they've agreed to do research at the Family History Library (FHL) in support of this quest. In the "wrong Annie" series I recently uploaded, for instance, they located and provided the 1905 marriage record, the 1907 birth register and the 1923 death certificate. Very nice of them, eh?

I remind those who are participating in this search for the true Annie Moore that the good folks at ProGenealogists stand ready to assist by snagging some documents for us -- within reason (we don't want to take their generosity for granted)! So if there's a particular item you're convinced would move the search forward, post here and we'll see if it's available at the FHL.

I also wanted to thank The Genealogue for his hilarious declaration that the search is over and the 129-year-old Annie -- and a very cranky one at that -- has been located in Iowa. Check it out!


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