Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Round Up: Swiss Roots, Adoption, Road Pizza & Primitive Blogging

Here's a round up of some interesting, genealogically-oriented articles I've tripped across in the last few days:

Secrets of Swiss success in US revealed -- not sure if I agree that Pascal Couchepin (Pascal who?) is more famous than Jewel, but maybe if you're really into your Swiss roots, he is.

Woman's search proves bittersweet -- a well-written article about the experience of being adopted and the quest to learn about one's birth family

Learning American -- those of you of Irish origin (like myself) will enjoy this piece about an Irish woman navigating from craic to "road pizza" as she learns to speak "American."

80-year-old 'blog' brings a family to life -- if I needed incentive to blog, this is it. But maybe I should write more about my own family, eh? Amazing what you can produce with consistency and a little imagination!


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